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SALTVERK | Arctic Thyme Salt

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Arctic thyme is an herb unique to the sub-Arctic climates of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Its season is fleeting, blooming only for a few short weeks in the summertime. For Icelanders, the scent of arctic thyme evokes adventures in the Highlands and exploring the magnificent Icelandic countryside during the endless daylight of the Arctic summer.

  • Tasting Notes :: Arctic Thyme is in the family of thyme, but has a sweeter flavor and a lavender-like scent. When paired with our sea salt, it brings both herbaceousness and a true expression of the wild nature of Iceland to whatever you choose to create. All Saltverk salts are crunchy, mineral-rich sea salts - the higher mineral content, and flaky structure give each of them a rich flavor.
  • Key Descriptors :: Floral, Herbaceous, Unique
  • Best Pairings / Recipes :: The salt is ideal for curing meat and fits perfectly with the Icelandic lamb as well with other game meat.
  • 80g (2.82 oz)