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Create a gift registry for your special event!
Create a gift registry for your special event!

Meet Athens Cooks

Established in 2022, Athens Cooks is a unique kitchen store located in Athens, GA offering retail, dining, and educational experiences all in one space. 

Join us for coffee and a pastry in the morning, beer or wine in the afternoon, and cooking classes throughout the days and evenings, all while shopping for high-quality kitchenware and more.

Our core beliefs:

  • Families and communities need to be brought back together, and food is the way to do that
  • Athens deserves a source for ethical and sustainable kitchen goods, sourced both locally and from afar, that we all can feel great about buying
  • excellent customer service

At Athens Cooks, we strive to have everything you need to elevate your kitchen game - from basics like pots, pans and knives, to specialty products like pasta makers, coffee pour-over devices and unique baking tools. We source from around the world to bring you the best. 

In addition to great products, we offer a wide range of exciting culinary experiences, including: 

  • Interactive cooking classes taught by some of Athens' (and beyond's!) most talented chefs
  • Custom gift registries and gift certificates, perfect for weddings and other special occasions
  • Complimentary gift-wrapping services
  • Delicious gift-baskets, crates, and hampers, filled with gourmet goods and other treats
  • Knife and scissor sharpening to keep your tools in top shape
  • Catering services for events and parties of all sizes
  • Fun and engaging cook-offs and other seasonal events
  • Wine tasting and beer on tap, featuring a rotating selection of sustainable wines and local brews 
  • Summer cooking camps for kids, where young chefs can learn new skills and have fun in the kitchen
  • Rotating breakfast and lunch options, with indoor and outdoor seating available
  • A wide range of party supplies, including decoration, tableware, and more

Courtney & Grady

Courtney & Grady

Courtney is the passionate and fun-loving co-founder and CEO of Athens Cooks.  Coming from a family where discussions revolving around food was the norm, she early on developed an appreciation for good food and its important role in connecting a family.  “What’s for lunch?” when just finishing up breakfast was the hot topic around her family’s table.  

Even with the many “spaghetti nights” her own family has endured while starting Athens Cooks, showing love for family and friends through food remains a strong family tradition.  Courtney finds no higher joy than serving the people she loves her old favorite dishes while learning new ones. 

Athens Cooks is all about passion for good food and its importance to family, brought to life by Courtney’s dynamic background, steadfast values and her varied experience with kitchen retail, restaurants, teaching and interior design.  

Grady is the equally passionate and curious food loving co-founder of Athens Cooks.  An Atlanta native with deep family roots in the Athens area, Grady attended UGA before moving to Macon for law school and then Atlanta for work.  After lawyering for as long as he could stand it, Grady taught middle school, coached football and and explored his many interests ranging from cooking, to woodworking, to machine learning, to gardening.  These varied interests and experiences came in particularly handy when starting up Athens Cooks, helping him manage the build out and technical & financial operations behind the scenes.  

Now Grady loves nothing more than meeting customers and helping them find just the right class or product to make their cooking journey successful while feeding his own cooking passion. 

Chef & Lady

Chef & Lady

Athen's famous Chef Jack Freckles and our newest brand ambasador, Princess 'Lady' Bug, can often be found at Athens Cooks! They love greeting each and every new face. We hope you come in to visit them soon and follow their updates along with our store's on the Athens Cooks Instagram!