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Zwilling | Wireless Charging Kitchen Scale

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Bakers have long valued the accuracy of a kitchen scale when weighing ingredients for their confections. It’s an indispensable tool for turning out flawless baked goods. It’s also ideal for portion control, parceling out bulk foods, and converting measurements between metric and imperial.

This modern appliance is also a charger. With built-in charging capabilities for compatible smart devices, you can charge your smartphone or tablet while you work in the kitchen. To use, simply place your device on the center of the scale surface. No cords necessary.

Featuring a slim, lightweight design and a seamless glass surface, it’s a cinch to clean so you can be sure your phone is charging on a fully hygienic surface. A handy tare function and accuracy to .1g/.1oz means you’ll achieve precise results every time you measure. The built-in rechargeable battery can be powered up with the included micro USB cord while the integrated power bank charges your smart device.

  • Great for large quantities, weighs up to 22lb/10kg and accurate to .1oz/.1g
  • Charge your smartphone or tablet by simply placing it in the center of the scale
  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic, seamless glass surface so you can weigh directly on the scale
  • Large weighing surface means LCD display remains visible even when weighing large quantities and containers
  • Handy tare function allows you to factor in container weight
  • Hidden display when powered off
  • Toggle between ounces and grams
  • Built-in battery with accompanying USB cable for recharging the scale
  • Integrated power bank (8000 mAh)
  • Lithium-ion battery