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Smithey | Cast Iron Grills + Griddles

by Smithey
Original price $135.00 - Original price $235.00
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$135.00 - $235.00
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No 12 Grillpan - Crafted with an obsession for detail, our square grill pan is your perfect companion for year-round grilling indoors or out. The pan’s wide raised interior ridges create deep, attractive grill marks while the polished peaks release food with ease. The diagonal ridge layout allows you to easily achieve beautiful crosshatch patterns by rotating food in simple 90 degree turns. And by elevating your vegetables, seafood and meats above the cooking surface, oils and fats will drip away resulting in healthier, lower-fat cooking. We think this is the best grill pan on the market and hope you agree. Use it well! 

  • Dual Ergonomic handles
  • Pre-seasoned surface
  • Polished grilling lines
  • US Made
  • Width (top): 12” Depth: 2” Handle to Handle: 15” Cook Surface: 9.5"x9.5"
  • Weight : +/- 10.8 lbs

Smithey’s No. 10 Flat Top Griddle brings even more versatility to your kitchen as both a custom fit lid for our No. 10 Skillets and also a smaller daily use griddle. Featuring our signature polished and pre-seasoned cook surface that is naturally non-stick and easy to clean, this Flat Top will find a home on your range. Engineered to maintain even and consistent heat, the No. 10 Flat Top Griddle will become your go to for everything from crêpes to a quick grilled cheese for lunch. Designed for use on gas, induction, glass tops, grills, and campfires- top your cast iron collection off with multi-use functionality from Smithey Ironware. Use it well.

  • A Satin-smooth, polished finish
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Offset handle
  • Pour spout covers
  • US Made 
  • Diameter (top): 10” Depth: .3” Handle to Handle: 16.5” Cook Surface: 9.2"
  • Weight: +/-5 lbs

Smithey's No. 12 Flat top griddle is your new everyday essential. Not only will this become your daily use griddle, but it is also sized perfectly to fit on top of your No. 12 skillet highlighting its use as a custom fit lid. Featuring Smithey's signature polished cook surface, the No. 12 Flat Top is naturally non-stick and free of chemical coatings. Designed and made in the USA, each piece is Engineered to maintain even and consistent heat. This flat top will become your go to for everything from pancakes to pizzas. Use it well.

  • Satin-smooth, polished finish
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Pour spout covers
  • Holes on both sides for hanging
  • US Made
  • Diameter (top): 12” Depth: .3” Handle to Handle: 18.2” Cook Surface: 10.5"
  • Weight: +/-7 lbs