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Pet Pet | Spice Blends

by Pet Pet
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PET PET is a small scale, hand crafted food company focusing on bringing bold flavors into everyone’s life. Founded in the midst of the pandemic in Athens, Georgia by industry couple Pete Amadhanirundr, and Ally Smith. With Pete being from Thailand and Ally being from the south, PET PET blends cultures and styles to bring you original products that will leave everyone wanting more. It’s time to awaken your senses!

Smoky Espelette BBQ lends it’s main flavor profile from the rich and beautiful Espelette chili, grown by our friends, Booneville Barn Collective. Our blend offers smoky, sweet, and floral notes. Plus we added some extra complexity by using coffee grounds from 1000 Faces Coffee. Use this as a rub, marinade, or a finishing seasoning!

Tingly Togashi, a traditional Japanese spice mixture dating back to the 17th century often used as a topping for ramen and rice cakes. PET PET’s version has a heavy dose of mouth tingling Szechuan peppercorn, ensuring to awaken the senses! This versatile spice mixture can be sprinkled on your favorite vegetables, fruits, proteins, noodles, and stir fry. Go experimental and even use it for cocktails or desserts!

Flower Power Hibiscus Chili Salt! It's tart, floral, sweet, and a little spicy. The pink peppercorns allow the floral notes of the dried hibiscus to shine. Flower Power accentuates your favorite fruits and beverages (especially Margaritas)! We invite you to go out into the sun, sprinkle Flower Power on your fruits and shake up a couple of cocktails for you and your friends :)