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Create a gift registry for your special event!

Messermeister | Carbon Knife Collection

Original price $134.00 - Original price $206.00
Original price
$134.00 - $206.00
Current price $155.00
Style: 6" Utility

Messermeister's high carbon steel blades surpass stainless alloys in hardness and durability, maintaining their edge for extended periods and offering easy restoration. Messermeister introduces a performance-driven design for optimized cutting ability.

Featuring an extra-wide double bevel with a 15º edge, our intricate blade grind creates a ‘crowned’ spine and a reinforced tip, delivering razor-like performance without sacrificing strength. The ceramic stonewash finish enhances stain resistance and provides a unique look.

With a high handle position, a ramped bolster, and integrated control surfaces, these knives ensure maximum comfort and guide your hand to the perfect grip.

Crafted from tough Spanish hardwood shavings stabilized with natural resins, the handles combine durability with a warm feel.

Complete the collection with the Bunka Style 8" Chef's knife and the Chef April Bloomfield 6.5" Chef's knife!