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Los Poblanos | Salts

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Fuego Salt - A super spicy salt made with a blend of twelve chile varieties.

  • Fuego (Spanish for fire) Salt is a hot and spicy, exceptionally flavorful finishing salt. Over twelve chile varieties are used to create this extraordinary blend that will wake up your taste buds. This is for serious heat overs only. Start with a little and work your way up.
  • Expert tip: Sprinkle Fuego Salt and Lavender Sugar into melted butter and pour over your favorite popcorn creating a sweet and spicy snack.

Woodfire Salt - A finishing salt that adds depth to any savory dish.

  • Pure sea salt smoked over a bonfire of hickory, red oak, alder, cherry, maple and mesquite wood. Add to your favorite dish to impart an all-natural smoky flavor. Especially beneficial when using a gas grill.
  • Expert tip: Rub chicken with Woodfire Salt and a touch of Lavender Sugar before grilling to create a smoky, caramelized flavor.

Lavender Salt - Salty, with a touch of floral sweetness, this salt will liven up your favorite dishes.

  • This Lavender Salt blends pure French sea salt with fragrant Los Poblanos lavender. It's a great way to introduce lavender into your kitchen. Try including a pinch in baked goods or sprinkling over chicken hot off the grill. The flavor is subtle and certain to please your lucky dinner guests!
  • Expert tip: Up your margarita game by adding a touch of lavender. Mix a splash of Lavender Simple Syrup into margarita ingredients, and serve in a chilled glass rimmed with Lavender Salt and Lavender Sugar.

Oazacan Salt - A warm, smoky finishing salt.

  • After experimenting with chiles from all over the Southwest and Mexico, Los Poblanos created this warm and smoky finishing salt with chilaca chile peppers smoked in Oaxaca, Mexico. Use in rubs or marinades, or sprinkle over meat fresh off the grill. Also excellent in salad dressings to punch up fresh vegetable flavors.
  • Expert tip: Serve table side along with Chimayó Salt. Your dinner guests will enjoy trying and comparing these two very different chile flavor profiles.

Chimayó Salt - Sea of Cortez salt blended with the earthy, smoky flavor of Chimayó red chile.

  • The Chimayó chile is a 300 year-old Native American chile variety that is integral to New Mexican culture. Before being blended with Sea of Cortez sea salt, the chiles are hand-harvested, sun-dried and ground in the historic village of Chimayó, New Mexico. This salt blend brings the iconic flavor of Northern New Mexico to your kitchen and can be used in any savory dish to add earthiness and smoky heat.
  • Expert tip: Add Chimayó salt and Chile Rojo Dipping Herbs to braised pork or beef dishes and slowly simmer to impart a smoky chile flavor.

Better Call Sal Salt - This salt blend is so good it should be illegal.

  • Made with white truffles from Italy, salt from Utah and organic, wild Sicilian oregano grown in Monticello, New Mexico. Try replacing garlic salt with this gourmet upgrade and you'll be stunned at how vegetables, potatoes and popcorn taste better than ever before.
  • Expert tip: Serve soft scrambled eggs sprinkled with Better Call Sal alongside thick-cut toast spread with Green Chile Jam for a sublimely savory breakfast.


  • 160 g (5.65 oz) reusable glass jar
  • Proudly made in New Mexico
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