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Emile Henry | Bread Box

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Color: Charcoal

Elegance meets function with this spacious bread box. Thoughtfully designed for creating an environment that perfectly balances humidity, essential for bread with a soft interior, and providing the air circulation necessary for maintaining a crisp outer crust. Designed intentionally just large enough to allow air circulation, yet compact enough to fit neatly on a counter top. The wooden lid, smooth on the top, is grooved on the cutting side for collecting crumbs when slicing bread.

  • Made in Marcigny France since 1850
  • Base: 100% Ceramic: made with mineral-rich clay from the Bordeaux region of France Resistant to thermal & mechanical shock
  • Scratch-resistant glaze Base is dishwasher safe
  • Guaranteed against manufacturing defects under 10-year warranty (from date of purchase) & does not cover damage caused by improper use
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