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Coffee Scoop Bag Clip

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Fino's Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip measures ground coffee for a precise coffee to water ratio and seals opened bags of coffee to keep it fresh. Easily brew the most robust flavor in every single cup and reseal the bag. Each level scoop equals a perfect 1-tablespoon of ground coffee. Its long handle design reaches the bottom of deeper bags and canisters easily while the built-in spring-action clip is easy to open and close.

Simply scoop and level the coffee grounds, then release excess air from the bag, fold the open edge of the bag, and clip over the folded edge. It's ideal for use with automatic coffee makers, French presses, manual pour-over coffee accessories and other types of coffee makers.

  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel
  • Durable, reusable, and dishwasher safe
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