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Create a gift registry for your special event!

Ankarsrum | Blender Accessory

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***NOTE*** The Beater Bowl and all accessories can only be shipped with the purchase of a mixer.  Orders for the beater bowl or accessories alone will be canceled.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

The blender is made to vigorously fix everything from chopping chocolate to mixing hummus and smoothies — as often and as much as you want!

  • The blender consists of a container, a top lid and lid plug.
  • The blender jug has a 1.5 litre capacity but can only handle a maximum content of 1.3 litres when mixing.
  • For safety reasons the blender is made of unbreakable plastic, Tritan copolyester, BPA free.
  • Always keep your hand on the lid when operating the blender.
  • The blender fits Assistent models N24-N30.
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