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Create a gift registry for your special event!

USA Pan | Angel Food Cake Pan

by USA Pan
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Bake a delicious, light airy angel food cake with our non-stick Angel Food Cake Pan. This bakeware is designed with deep sides which is perfect for creating a taller moist cake. Made from strong aluminized steel for enhanced heat retention, extra strength and anti-rusting properties that help give your cake that golden brown finish. Once your angel food cake is all finished baking, our exclusive silicone nonstick coating will have your cake falling right out of the pan effortlessly. Decorate with fresh fruit for that classic angel food cake dessert that is sure to please. A true must have cake pan for warm weather baking!

  • This bakeware has deep sides that gives you that classic angel food cake design
  • Aluminized steel construction for even heating and maximum heat retention
  • Hollow tube for a perfect rise and even bake
  • No need to pre-grease/ spray the pan with our superior nonstick coating that is safe for food contact