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El Guapo | Craft Cocktail Syrups

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El Guapo's collection of syrups make craft cocktails a breeze!

Ginger Syrup - This is not your typical one-dimensional ginger syrup. And while it does have a slight spice, it is not a "punch in the mouth" spicy ginger either. The addition of galangal lends a unique complexity that is complemented by subtle notes of white pepper and citrus. Use this syrup to make fresh ginger ale, ginger sours and ginger martinis. This syrup also makes a divine Moscow Mule.

Rose Cordial - You have not lived until you've tried this with champagne. Trust. This classic Rose Cordial (Τριαντάφυλλα, as its known in Greece) is made with rose hips, rose petals and rose water. The rich pink hue is naturally derived during production. This highly floral, aromatic syrup is exceptional in champagne, but equally at home in cocktails, zero proof drinks, punches and tiki recipes. Winner: Good Food Award

Lime Cordial - Made with fresh lime leaves, zest, juice and pulp, this complex syrup is full of bright lime flavor. It packs a punch in cocktails and alcohol free drinks. We use this most frequently in margaritas, daiquiris and gimlets, but we regularly add a bar spoon to flavor plain club soda. Try this in baking recipe too... mix this 1:1 with powdered sugar to make an incredible lime glaze for pound cake! Winner: Good Food Award

Tonic Syrup - Dubbed the Rolls Royce of Tonic by Neiman Marcus, El Guapo created their tonic after thoroughly researching and testing dozens of historical recipes. This British Colonial Style Tonic is incredibly unique and herbaceous. They grind cinchona bark and create our own quinine in-house before adding fresh citrus and a plethora of spices. Full of fresh, bright citrus and slightly floral notes, the tonic finishes with a lingering but pleasant bitterness.

Creole Orgeat -  A Creole take on classic Orgeat - a syrup traditionally made with almonds and cane sugar. El Guapo makes this version with Louisiana cane sugar and toasted pecans grown in Southwest Georgia. This syrup is fresh and effervescent with notes of orange and rose - perfect for any Mai Tai or old fashioned recipe. Try some in your next batch of milk punch, eggnog or coffee!

Cajun Grenadine - Cajun Grenadine is made with Ponchatoula strawberries exclusively grown in Tangipahoa Parish. It is certified Cajun by the Louisiana Department of agriculture. Perfect for spring & summer cocktails, yet equally delightful atop ice cream or strawberry short cake, this syrup is produced seasonally, and once we're out, we're out until the next year! Winner: Good Food Award

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