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Create a gift registry for your special event!

Supernatural | Dye-Free Unicorn Tracks Sprinkles

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Everyone knows sprinkles come from unicorns. But artificial dyes = artificial unicorns. Therefore, the only place to get real, 100% natural unicorn sprinkles is from free-range unicorns. Which we pulled off, thanks to some fringe herds that are actually kind of miffed about all these imposters. Anyway, introducing America's first unicorn sprinkle that's not full of lies, and is inclusive of actual unicorns. Huzzah! Colors from plants and spices Soy and gluten free No confectioner’s glaze 100% Vegan Certified Kosher Blessed by unicorns Please note: Supernatural products are formulated without Top-10 Allergens, but are packaged in a non-dedicated facilities where cross-contamination from these allergens can occur. Size: 3oz.