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Staub | Perfect Pans + Woks

by Staub
Original price $350.00 - Original price $370.00
Original price
$350.00 - $370.00
Current price $350.00
Size: 12 inch
Color: Grenadine

The STAUB Perfect Pan is a sturdy cast iron wok for quick-cooking dinners like stir fries, and other one pot meals. Not just for stir-fries, this pan is designed for searing, sautéing, browning, steaming, and deep frying as well. Wide, angled sides facilitate stirring without spilling and help to reduce grease splatter on the stovetop. Thanks to its cast iron construction, the pan retains heat remarkably well, ensuring even cooking throughout.

The accompanying semi-circle metal wok rack lets you keep ingredients warm without continuing to cook on the hot pan surface. It can also be used to drain oil from ingredients before removing them from the wok. With a tight-fitting, glass lid, you can keep an eye on food while it cooks, ensuring heat is locked in when steaming.

Rooted in French culinary heritage, STAUB cookware is beloved by professional and home chefs for its exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and timeless beauty. Each piece of STAUB cookware effortlessly and elegantly transitions from the oven to the table - you can cook and serve in the same dish. These heirloom pieces can be lovingly passed from generation to generation.

  • High, sloped sides and a flat bottom ideal for stir-frying without spilling or excess splatter
  • Textured black matte enamel interior requires no seasoning and ensures exceptional browning, and heat retention and distribution; requires no seasoning
  • Tight-fitting tempered glass lid locks in heat and allows for easy monitoring during cooking
  • Features two easy-to-grip helper handles for maximum maneuverability Includes metal wok rack for warming or draining ingredients
  • Smooth enamel bottom compatible with all stovetops, including induction
  • Oven safe to 500°F
  • Chip resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Made in France