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Smithey | Sleeves + Potholders

by Smithey
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Pot Holders - Hand stitched and branded with the Smithey logo over the same high-grade leather as the sleeves, or on suede, these potholders are the most high quality and reliable holding tools we’ve ever used. Like cast iron, it gets better with time. Perfect for pulling a Smithey out of the oven or off the campfire.

Sleeves - Handcrafted and branded with the Smithey logo over high-grade oil-tanned leather, this skillet sleeve is one of our favorite tools. Available in two sizes, the standard-fit slides perfectly over the handle of the No. 10 and No. 12 while the extended fit is designed to give more protection on the No. 8 Chef Skillet handle. Like cast iron, these sleeves get better with time and use.

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