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Smart Compact Umbrella Stand - Steel

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Title: White
UMBRELLA STAND: Designed for tall and short umbrellas, walking canes, or sticks, this umbrella stand has a few tricks up its sleeve. The two-panel design leaves the back open to allow for maximum airflow to help keep the umbrellas dry. The four removable trays can be placed at different levels depending on which kind of umbrellas you are looking to store. WATER-RESISTANT: Steel is coated three times to protect it from water and rust. Its removable plastic trays are equally water resistant, helping to keep water off the floor and its design prevents umbrellas from sliding on the base. CAPACITY & CONFIGURATIONS: Umbrella stand holds up to four umbrellas and features a hidden level. Use two of the removeable plastic trays at this middle level if you're looking to store short-handled umbrellas. Or, place all four removable trays at the base to store long-handled umbrellas. MATERIAL: Steel, ABS Resin