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Create a gift registry for your special event!

Sonoma Gourmet | Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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Roasted Garlic and Herb - TOP SHELF & GARLICKY HERBALICIOUS. Sonoma Gourmet dialed up the recipe on a fan favorite because that's what chefs do. It's now a perfect match of flavors that enhance the robustly delicate.

Basil and Parmesan - OLIVES AND BASIL AND PARMESAN, OH MY! We took the liberty of making our delicious Basil Parmesan olive oil even better. Yep. This amazing EVOO is now masterfully blended with cold processed Non-GMO California EVOO, parmesan, and basil. Perfectly salty and a little bit sweet, it plays well on almost any occasion. A real smooth operator. 

Roasted Chiles - A nip here and a tuck there. Improving a star isn't easy, but we did it. For those times when subtle won't do. The roasted chiles wake up the olive oil with just enough spice and attitude to get the party started. 100% verve and sass to go with that 100% cold pressed, non-GMO California Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


  • 100% cold processed, non-GMO California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  •  8.5 oz. bottles