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GIR | Quad Chopper

by GIR
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Title: Studio

Save your workout for outside the kitchen with the GIR Quad Chopper. This genius invention helps you easily break up large chunks of food without the arm and wrist strain. From ground turkey and pork to cooked vegetables for soups and sauces, the Quad Chopper gets you the finer consistency you want––all without melting or scratching your pans. Use it to cut butter into flour and sugar for the perfect scones. Forgot to thaw your ground beef? No problem! The Quad Chopper breaks apart frozen ground meat like child’s play.

Its unique rounded bottom allows for a rocking action while chopping, but is still level enough to stand up by itself. With 2 hard fins and 2 semi-soft fins, this kitchen utensil acts as a masher, meat chopper, and scraper. Its seamless, unibody design makes cleanup easy-cheesy, and the ergonomic handle gives your hands a break. It’s the time-saving, wrist-saving cooking tool you’ll love using over and over again. What will you cook up?