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Opinel | Essential Vegetable Knife

by Opinel
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Also known as a bird’s beak for the unique shape that resembles a - you guessed it - bird’s beak, the vegetable knife is often used for a lot of the same tasks as a paring knife, but performs best off a cutting board. The unique curved blade makes it more agile, ideal for slicing into soft fruits like nectarines or peaches, and makes quick work of hulling strawberries. The knife’s 3 inch blade guarantees a precise cut, and features a scraping back to gently remove blemishes from fruits and vegetables. Available with a beech wood handle, or one of the many colorful hornbeam handles.

  • Blade Length - 3 Inches
  • Steel - Stainless
  • Overall Length 6.5 Inches
  • Serration Non-Serrated


  • Hand wash only. Do not immerse your knife in water, as this could warp the wooden handle. Dry the blade before closing.