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New Creation Soda Works | Local Craft Sodas

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Jack'd Strawberry Habanero Soda - Light-bodied and crisp. Fresh, ripe strawberry blast in the beginning, with a tart brightness in the middle and a warm finish. After countless taste tests at the local Farmer’s Market, this crazy good combination of strawberry and habanero became New Creations' first production. They craft Jack'd with local Georgia strawberries handpicked by their family and get the habaneros from their garden. The sweetness and tartness of real strawberries blend perfectly with a lingering subtle heat from the habaneros. You’ll crave the flavors once you’ve had one!

  • Ingredients: Real strawberries, pure cane sugar, purified water, habanero peppers, citric acid, sodium benzoate

Hopscotch Dry-Hopped Ginger Ale - Light bodied and crisp. Like a Spring morning, refreshingly floral, citrusy and earthy with a just the right bite of ginger. No one had tried putting hops in ginger ale, until New Creation did! You won't find this anywhere else in the world, so grab it now!

  • Ingredients: Real ginger, pure cane sugar, purified water, cascade hops, citric acid

Root 42 Old Time Root Beer - Heavy bodied, creamy and silky with deep caramel and vanilla notes, mellow sassafras flavor and a clean wintergreen finish. There is nothing like the taste of real, old fashioned Root Beer. People are saying that Root 42 is replacing their conventional brand as their favorite root beer. Find out why! 

  • Ingredients: Purified Water, caramelized pure cane sugar, natural flavors, two-fold vanilla extract, natural pecan flavor, lemon juice, sodium benzoate (for freshness), natural acidifier: CONTAINS PECANS

Krümkake Butter Pecan Cream Soda - Medium body with a silky mouthfeel and surprisingly crisp. Creamy and buttery with caramel, vanilla, and pecan notes. Gramma used to make a Swedish pastry called Krümkake (Kroom-kah-kah), and it tasted a lot like New Creations' cream soda. They've just added their southern thang to it! With bourbon, ice cream or by itself, it's phenomenal. See for yourself how crazy good it is.

  • Ingredients: Purified Water, pure cane sugar, natural vanilla extract, lemon juice, natural pecan flavor, sodium benzoate, natural acidifier; CONTAINS PECANS