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Mauviel | M'TRADITION Copper Fondue Set

by Mauviel
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The M'Tradition copper fondue set with brass stand, and 8 fondue forks is made of thick copper construction for hot oil, ceese or chocolates fondues. Manufactured in the respect of a know-how, dating almost two centuries, the range M’TRADITION reflects perfectly the professional tradition of the utensils Mauviel 1830. It is made up, of unique pieces, entirely hand- made; turbot fish kettles, braising pans and fish kettles. They are the ultimate testimonies of a culinary French tradition, always carried forward by the Normandy Company. The tinned interior creates an alchemy with the food, that is unique. The pewter contained in this product is exempt of lead.

  • This collection is available in bronze setting or electrolysis cast iron finish.
  • Tinned copper
  • Thick 2 to 3.5mm 
  • Polished exterior


  • Diameter: 9 x 8.6-in
  • Height: 10.2-in
  • Capacity: 3.4-qt

Usage & Care

  • Before first use and after use, carefully wash your pot/pan with hot soapy water then rinse and dry.
  • Cooking - All M'Tradition products are designed for use in the oven. Only add salt to your pan once the water has boiled. Never overheat an empty pan, this can lead to irreparable damage. Always cook over low to medium heat.
  • Over time, copper can change color through use, however this will not change the conductivity of the copper material.
  • When cooking on gas, the flame never goes beyond the base of the pan.


  • Never clean your Mauviel pot/pan with bleach. This can lead to irreparable damage. If food sticks to the inside of your pot/pan, soak it with hot soapy water. To restore the shinny copper surface to your Mauviel pot/pan, use our Copperbrill cleaner
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