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Create a gift registry for your special event!

Local Rustic French Boule Mix

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This old world bread mix makes a loaf you want to tear into, just to feel the crust tug back at you, and then you can sink your teeth into the moist chewy insides. All you add is water, stir until a sticky dough forms, cover, wait 12 hours, and then cook at 450 in covered ovenproof pan. No kneading, punching down or tending to make this rustic french boule.

Want it for breakfast...stir it up at night and it is ready to bake the next morning. Want it for dinner...stir it up in the morning and cook it that night. You really will not believe how good this is or how easy it is to make, not to mention the scrumptious smell of yeast bread baking in your kitchen!

  • Hand crafted in small batches for you in Ailey, Georgia.