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Italian Rocking Mezzaluna Choppers

Original price $27.00 - Original price $29.00
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$27.00 - $29.00
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Style: Single Blade

The Mezzaluna Rocking Chopper quickly transforms ingredients with a speed and efficiency that's unmatched by knives to save time during food preparation.

  • Made in Italy from stainless steel with beechwood handles; sturdy and durable; comfortable ergonomic design
  • Simply rock blade side-to-side to chop tender items and use an up-and-down motion to chop denser foods; continue until desired texture is achieved
  • Great for chopping garlic, herbs, fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, cutting pizza, block chocolate; always use a cutting board to protect countertops
  • Easy to use; keep fingers away from sharp blades; hand wash in warm, soapy water; occasionally apply mineral oil to the handles
  • Single - blade measures 9.5-inches; Twin - blades measure 5.5 inches each