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Hot N Saucy | Hot Sauces

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Choose Flavor: Garlic N Peperoncini

Hot N Saucy is your classic hot sauce, reimagined. Vegetable based sauces curated in small batches by Chef Sam Davis-Allonce. These bright, bold and colorful sauces give you the heat you want and need at no additive cost. Yep, it’s all sauce and all natural.

Black Garlic N Peri Peri sauce is the perfect blend of robust, bold umami, black garlic and West African Peri Peri peppers. Spice up any dish with a perfect balance of heat and flavor. This all-natural, preservative-free sauce is sure to take any meal to the next level. Entice your mouths and eyes with this black hot sauce.

Garlic N Peperoncini is the #1 seller, a celebrity favorite, and seen on Hot Ones. It has an approachable and mild flavor with a pleasant sweet and tangy mix, making it great for dipping, pouring on all types of food, or using in recipes. This sauce is guaranteed to become one of your favorites and replace your old faithful hot sauce.

Collards N Ghost Featured on Season 18 of Hot Ones and Lizzo's favorite hot sauce! This flavor packed sauce tastes like when the Thanksgiving collards touch everything else on your plate. This potlikker-flavored hot sauce made with one of the world's hottest peppers will take your next meal out of the stratosphere with heat and FLAVOR!

Beet N Fresno offers a unique flavor combination of sweet beets and mild Fresno peppers for a balance of taste and heat. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet plus heat in each bite. This sauce pairs well with chicken, pork and fries.