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El Guapo | Craft Cocktail Mixers

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El Guapo mixers are designed to pour over ice & add booze (sub club soda for a zero proof alternative) - no additional ingredients necessary. Cocktails in a flash have never been more delicious or simple.

Salted Paloma - El Guapo blends fresh grapefruit juice with ginger and galangal roots + sea salt to create a light and zippy libation. Simply pour over ice with 2 oz of tequila for the perfect Salted Paloma - no salted rim necessary. For a spin on the classic, replace blanco tequila with mezcal, sotol or aged tequila. This mixer is also perfect for various punches, cocktails & zero proof libations.

Mojito - Finally... a quick, delicious solution to Mojitos! A blend of fresh lime juice and fresh mint leaves with Cuban bitters and Louisiana cane sugar to create a quick & easy solution to an otherwise time consuming drink making process. Pour over ice, add 2 oz of white rum (or not if you prefer zero proof drinks), and fill to the brim with club soda. Garnish with mint before serving. This Mojito Mixer is also the ultimate party trick... sub Kentucky bourbon for rum to make an unbelievably delicious Mint Julep & impress your guests in the process. Pro tip: Throw this in a blender with ice & rum for an easy frozen version of the same drink.

Bloody Mary - True story: El Guapo won the New Orleans Bloody Mary Festival with this recipe! Simply pour over ice & add vodka (or tequila for a Bloody Maria) and don't forget to garnish with your favorite savory lagniappe! Shake well before pouring & thin consistency with tomato juice if desired.

Hurrincane - El Guapo built this recipe after researching the original, which was created with rum at local favorite Pat O'Brien's Bar during World War II when whiskey was hard to come by. They round out the hibiscus and passionfruit with a healthy dose of Polynesian Kiss Bitters and a hint of lemon. Simply pour into a shaker over ice & shake with 2 oz of rum. Strain into a glass filled with ice for a perfect & easy Hurricane. Garnish with cherries & an orange wedge if desired. Pro Tip: Throw this in a blender with ice & rum for the ultimate frozen, tasty treat.

Lemon Drop - The most versatile of El Guapo's mixers, use this to make a standout Lemon Drop Martini or replace your standard sour mix in any recipe. You'll thank us later. Pour into a shaker over ice with 2 oz of vodka & strain into a martini glass. Rim with sugar prior to straining for a fancy treat. Sub whiskey for vodka & pour over rocks in a lowball for a mean whiskey sour.

  • Zero Proof
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
  • Woman Owned