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DOG | Shampoo + Conditioners

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Wash - Natural, gentle cleanser for baths. For the most part, a wipe and brush is enough to keep your dog clean. But occasionally, that puddle-jumping, butt-sniffing furball is going to need a bath. This is for those times.

  • We should only wash our dogs every 4-6 weeks or even less (unless your vet has prescribed a specific medicated shampoo). If your dog is visibly dirty, and you are unable to get them clean with a good wipe and brush, then it’s time for some bubbles. Washing too frequently can disrupt the natural defenses of the coat, making your dog even more stinky and potentially contributing to skin diseases.

Leave in Conditioner - No rinse natural coat moisturizer. Dogs don’t know what organic coconut oil, chamomile and rose water actually are, but they’ll love how it makes their coat feel soft and smell great. And you will too. Use this conditioner on dry coats in between washes. It can also be used on damp coats after washing.

  • How to Moisturize? Apply a small amount to your palm, rub hands together and lightly spread over the coat with a big pat. Make sure you massage the conditioner right down to the skin for maximum effectiveness. Brush coat after application for best results. No need to rinse out. For external use only. Don’t let your pets eat this.

Why You'll Love It?

  • Plant-based
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Vegan friendly
  • Recyclable aluminum bottle
  • Not tested on animals, just lovingly used on them
  • Made in Australia
  • Recommended and used by vets - especially Dr Lisa Chimes