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Create a gift registry for your special event!

"Culinary Bootcamp for Adults!" with Chef Alejandro Ortiz, Wednesday July 10 - Saturday July 13, 10am - 2pm

Calling all Culinarians! 

Boy are we excited for this! Join Alejandro of PINTA for a hands-on, immersive, Culinary Bootcamp for adults.

During our four days we will refine our cutting and basic cooking skills; hone those skills through practical meal-prepping and menu planning. Each day we discuss the agenda, work on our prep-lists, and after all the hard work get to sit down for a well-earned meal together paired with wine at the end of each class. 

DAY ONE: Basic Fundamentals
We spend a little bit on fundamentals of knife skills (think, mince, chop, slice, repeat), and explore the lessons of Classical French Cooking with a menu that continues to reinforce our knife skills and put to practice what we learned!

We'll start our lunch prep by assembling some simple-yet-elegant (and delicious) canapés using what's in season. We move on to Chef Alejandro demonstrating (demo time!) how to break down a chicken as well as how to spotchcock one. We'll then start the preparation of our roasted half-chicken with Herbes-de-Provence, start-to-finish.

To accompany we'll assemble a fresh "bistro salad"  with fresh vegetables, crisp lardons, torn sourdough croutons and a classic Dijon vinaigrette. Dessert includes succulent poached pears with crème-frâiche.

DAY TWO: Baking + Pastry + Picnic Chic
We turn our attention to baking and pastry as we explore the different concepts and techniques of quickbreads, yeasted dough, straight-dough, and more. 

We also build towards a Mediterranean-inspired lunch of hummus, savory tarts, freshly-made lavash (flatbread) and a green-goddess Chicken Salad... and plenty of sweets and baked goods to go around.

Come hungry!

DAY THREE: Flavors of South East Asia
Chef Alejandro brings his passion of South East Asia from his days working in hotels, kitchens and dining rooms from Thailand to Bhutan; Rajasthan to Cambodia. We begin with the building blocks of Thai cooking, delve into fresh-rolls, cold-sesame noodles, stir-fry, laarb and so much more! What will culminate will be a veritable feast of South East Asian aromas and flavors! 

At the end of the day we will sit and brainstorm and 'pre-plan' for the next day's brunch! 

DAY FOUR: Brunch Spectacular
This is the day that everything we've learned comes together! We will meet at the Farmer's market (at Bishop Park- optional) to buy fresh ingredients. We'll discuss best way to get the most out of your farmer's market experience and even get to know some of the farmers! We take our bounty back to Athens Cooks and prepare a big delicious brunch to celebrate the end of our journey.

Extra spots for "invitees and +1's" will be made available for any guest you may want to invite to join us in order to savor all that you've learned during our four days. 

WED | Basics + Classical French Cuisine
THU | Baking & Pastry + Mediterranean Lunch
FRI | South East Asian Flavors
SAT | Farmer's Market Run + Brunch Prep + Fam. Meal with Invites

WED-FRI: 10am - 2pm(ish)
SAT: 9am-10:00am (Market - opt.)/ 10:00am - 1:30pm

Whether you're a novice, a seasoned enthusiast, or kitchen-curious; our BOOTCAMP is designed to accommodate all skill levels and experience. Chef Alejandro will work one-on-one with each person and hands-on with the group to ensure culinary-success! 

Bring some sizzle to your summer!