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Bona Furtuna | Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Style: Heritage Blend

Heritage Blend- Our founding extra virgin olive oil, Heritage Blend effortlessly delivers the balanced and beautiful flavors of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. Made with a blend of olives from our oldest 1,000-year-old trees and olives from our 8-year-old olive grove, this 100% organic, single-estate olive oil is exquisite with salad, pasta or fresh-baked bread. Discover this award-winning olive oil from Sicily. Grown, cold-pressed and bottled on La Furtuna Estate in Sicily’s Sicani Mountain region, The Heritage Blend  carries a soft flavor of fruity, golden notes with a hint of artichoke, green tomato and almond. Savor a spoonful straight from the bottle, drizzle on a leafy salad, or pair with our Salt and Herb blend for an electrifying meat rub.

Biancolilla Centinara- Rediscovered by Chief Scientist Dr. Pasquale Marino, this ancient olive varietal was brought back from the brink of extinction at Bona Furtuna and it remains one of their most popular artisan olive oils. This award-winning, rare specialty olive oil is produced exclusively by Bona Furtuna. Enjoy the best organic Sicilian EVOO alone or as a finishing oil for heavier dishes. Cultivated and crafted on La Furtuna Estate, this organic Italian extra virgin olive oil hosts medium fluidity with medium-green fruitiness and hints of wild herbs and dried flowers. Offering powerfully balanced bitterness and pungency, this single-origin olive oil shares the aroma of tomato, fresh grass, almond and artichoke and pairs well with fresh mozzarella, bistecca alla fiorentina, or a fresh peach salad.