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El Guapo | Bitters

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El Guapo is finely crafted & made with love in New Orleans. Southern authenticity at its finest! As 7x Good Food Award winners & the all time winning-est company in the history of the Elixirs category, it’s safe to say El Guapo knows a thing or two about bitters.

Barrel Aged Vanilla - A collaboration with single origin spice importers Burlap & Barrel and local distillers Roulaison Rum, these bitters are made from the world's only wild pollinated vanilla bean varietal imported from Zanzibar and aged in fresh Roulaison Rum barrels. When you purchase these bitters, you are supporting three small businesses at once! A nice complement to brown spirits, try these in your next Old Fashioned or hop on the tiki bandwagon with this unique flavor profile. Can also substitute these bitters for vanilla extract in every recipe.

Chicory Pecan - Made with freshly roasted Congregation Coffee, these aromatic bitters pack a punch with notes of coffee, chicory, pecan and cinnamon. A nice complement to all brown spirits, add these to your next Old Fashioned. Around the holidays, use them with mulled wine, spiced ciders, egg nog and milk punch recipes.

Polynesian Kiss - El Guapo's take on tiki bitters, this recipe is made with generous amounts of passion fruit, guava, pineapple and coconut alongside exotic floral notes and spices. These are designed to amplify and enhance tropical notes in any drink. Use a few dashes in your next daiquiri, Mai Tai or margarita, and experiment with aged spirits, too. They're also a staple ingredient for alcohol free options and our go-to for adding flavor to teas and plain sparkling water.

Cucumber Lavender - A refreshing addition to lighter cocktails, the subtle notes of citrus and mint complement primary notes of cucumber and lavender. At home in a variety of gin, vodka, rum and champagne based cocktails, we're particularly fond of using these in Pimm's Cups and French 75s. These are also a stellar choice for flavoring plain sparkling water and teas.

Spiced Cocoa - A labor of love, these bitters are created with naturally and traditionally grown, fermented, dried, and stone ground cacao sourced from local New Orleans chocolatier Piety & Desire. The extreme chocolate flavor is complemented by oaky whiskey notes, a bitter finish and light spice derived from cayenne pepper. These work well with all spirits, but we're especially fond of using them with bourbon, rye whiskey and rum. They're a popular flavor addition for tiki style drinks, along with Manhattans, an Old Fashioned and any milk punch.

Crawfish Boil - Made to emulate a traditional cajun boil bath with notes of clove, anise, allspice, pepper, onion, garlic and bay, these bitters are the pièce de résistance in El Guapo's Bloody Mary Mixer! Seriously, they won the NOLA Bloody Mary Festival with the recipe. These bitters are a bar essential for all Bloody Mary and savory cocktail enthusiasts. Add an additional depth of flavor in savory and spicy martinis or incorporate into food by adding a tablespoon to marinades and basic pimento cheese or dashing atop raw oysters.

Cuban - Notes of cinnamon and mace complement the overtones of sour orange and lime zest in this recipe. Use in place of orange bitters in recipes or experiment as you see fit. They pair well with sweet and savory drinks and complement rum perfectly. We use these often in mojitos, margaritas, daiquiris and tiki drinks.

Love Potion Bitters - If floral drinks are your thing, these are the bitters for you. Subtle notes of chamomile, hibiscus and orange blossoms lay beneath primary notes of rose, jasmine and lavender. Pair with light summer cocktails like spritzes, punches of all varieties and drinks on the sweeter side of the spectrum. They make interesting pairings with aged spirits, but are more commonly used with vodka, gin, rum and sparkling drinks. Also useful for flavoring plain sparkling water and creating alcohol free drinks - these are truly multi-purpose behind any home or professional bar.

Fuego - Inspired by the flavors and spices often found in Texan & Mexican cuisine, these bitters are both sour and spicy, with notes of grapefruit, lime, cilantro, habanero, jalapeño and cumin. They pair nicely with tequila, but play well with other spirits too. Experiment with them in spicy and savory cocktail recipes, or add a few dashes to cut the sweetness of an already made cocktail. Use these to add a kick to your next ranch water. Winner: Good Food Award.

Holiday Pie - Fall in a glass, these bitters are made with sweet potato, apple, pumpkin and pecan. Bold notes of holiday spice are followed by our signature bitter finish. Complex and aromatic, these bitters are a staple in many of New Orleans' finest bars. We're particularly fond of using them with brown spirits. Use in place of aromatic bitters in any recipe and you won't be disappointed. 4 oz

  • Zero Proof
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO
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