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Antipasti | Salted Capers

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Rinse these salty, preserved capers thoroughly to discover a wealth of vegetal riches in this Mediterranean gem. Distinctive unto themselves, capers have a slight lemony tang, with savory seaside brine overtones. The sensual flavors of our Aeolian capers are used throughout Italian cuisine to give an herbal expanse to any dish. Add to your favorite tomato sauce, sea bass or on top of your focaccia and taste the earthly riches of Sicily.

Grown on the rocky volcanic slopes of Salina, sun-soaked caper bushes are carefully tended to before flower buds are plucked, then cured. Our organic growing practices preserve these robust shrubs to grow as they have for centuries. It’s these rustic conditions that promote a balanced minerality and a kiss of green olive-like flavor in every caper.