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Burlap & Barrel | Adobo

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Puerto Rican food lovers, rejoice! Illyanna Maisonet, the James Beard award-winning food writer and first Puerto Rican food columnist in the United States, collaborated with us on this personal, deeply flavorful Puerto Rican blend to bring the flavors of PR food to our customer's homes. “Just like every family has their own way of making coquito and arroz con gandules, each family has a personal blend of adobo seasoning spices: turmeric for deep color, oregano for deep flavor and garlic for deep soul! Adobo seasoning has endless possibilities as an addition to dry rubs and wet marinades. Use it for roasted chicken, barbecue and grilled seafood.” -Illyanna Ingredients: Garlic powder, black pepper, oregano buds, turmeric, cumin Tasting notes: Citrus • Summer Sun • Mar Chiquita Beach