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Harbison Mini

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A spreadable bloomy-rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark, made by jasper hill farm--now available in this smaller format. Each wheel is cinched with a strip of spruce cambium, or interior bark layer, harvested from jasper hill's woodlot. This technique adds woodsy nuance to the ripening cheese while providing structure as the interior softens to a gooey texture when fully ripe. The natural surface of this spruce band may be dappled with blue-green flora. Harbison's thick but spoonable paste balances rich, sweet-cream flavors with vegetal complexity. When the bark has fused with a more loosened paste, it's best to peel back the rind and spoon out portions from the top. Ingredients: pasteurized cow milk, salt, rennet, cultures. (cows are grazed/fed locally harvested dry hay, supplemented with an all-natural grain ration.)
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