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Tower Step Trash Can

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Title: Black
LIGHTWEIGHT TRASH CAN: This small, lidded garbage bin opens with a soft touch of the step-pedal. The hands-free design keeps your bathroom, office, or kitchen organized and sanitary. TRASH CAN LINER CONCEALMENT: Trash can features a hidden ring that helps conceal unsightly garbage bags. Wrap small plastic bags or garbage bags around the ring before setting inside the trash can. When the lids is closed, provides a fully-concealed look without having to worry about the bag sliding down. CUT-OUT HANDLE: A hidden handle is on the back panel for easy emptying and carrying. The slim, compact design fits in any location where space is limited while the plastic bag stays out of sight. CAPACITY: Holds about 1 gallon or 3.9 liters. Provides ample room for trash. Place next to a desk, bed, couch, or even under sinks. MATERIAL: ABS Resin
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