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Tower Magnetic Placemat Organizer - Steel

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Title: White
TABLE PLACEMAT STORAGE: This storage rack is perfect for the home cook, family dinner time, or to just bring more organization to your kitchen. Simply attach the strong magnets to the fridge and hang up to 2.2 pounds of material. MAGNETIC: This rack is meant to be mounted onto a refrigerator, a metal surface, or wall to free up counter space. Strong magnets come already applied to the item. Can also be placed horizontally on a countertop. VERSATILE PLACEMAT OR DOCUMENT STORAGE: This item can be used to keep placemats clean, dust-free, and ready-to-use. Or, it can be used to store school papers, documents, art, or other files. LOAD-BEARING WEIGHT: The item weighs 8.8 pounds. When attached vertically with magnets, we do not recommend placing more than 2.2 pounds inside the compartment. However, when used horizontally on a countertop, the solid steel construction allows for smaller appliances such as toasters or ovens to be placed on top of it. MATERIAL: Steel, Magnet
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