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"New World Cuisine" NRML School of Wine Presents, NRMLCook with Chef Alejandro Ortiz, Friday, October 6, 6:00-8:00pm

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Chef Alejandro Ortiz from NRML School of Wine presents NRML COOKS. Athens Cooks is teaming up with Chef for a culinary excursion to Miami. Here's what he has to say about “New World Cuisine...”
"New World Cuisine," pioneered by chefs like Norman Van Aken, fused Caribbean,
Latin American, and Floridian culinary traditions with modern techniques. It
celebrated bold flavors, local ingredients, and innovative presentations, shaping
culinary landscapes and discussions on diversity. Chefs like Douglas Rodriguez and
the "Mango Gang" played pivotal roles, leaving a legacy of inventive dishes that
embraced multicultural heritage.
While facing criticism for later appropriative iterations, this cuisine holds a cherished
place in my heart. Growing up in Miami, figures like Norman Van Aken and the
"Mango Gang" inspired aspiring culinarians, including myself, in our burgeoning fine
dining scene. Despite not being traditionally Latin or authentic, this cuisine resonates
deeply, especially having worked at Norman's restaurant after culinary school.
The NRML COOK "New World Cuisine" series aims to revive this imaginative culinary
genre's finest dishes, paying homage to its audacious flair, distinctive style, and
enduring legacy.

On the menu for the evening will be Tropical Tuber Chips, Yucca and Boniato (white sweet potato) Stuffed Shrimp with  "Mo. J Sauce," a fresh Hearts of Palm Slaw with Jicama and Peppers. We'll pair 3 glasses of tasty wine for the evening. 

Welcome to Miami, folks!

*Class Participants receive 10% discount on most items in the store the evening of the class.

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