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Condor | Coffee

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Juan Carlos Velez - This easy drinking single origin comes from our farmer partner Juan Carlos Velez. This Caturra varietal has been through the typical washing process, removing the coffee cherry from the bean before drying, yielding a uniform, classic coffee with well-balanced acidity. Our roasting highlights the toasted nutty notes, red fruits, subtle spice and smooth body for a delicious cup! Farm Partner: Juan Carlos Velez Location: Azuay, Ecuador Flavor notes: Toasted almond, Red currant, Nutmeg

Juan Pueblo -  Our everyday cup of Joe. A blend that is even and balanced. Darker roast meant for batch brews and espresso. Flavor Notes: dark chocolate, pecan, caramel

La Serrania Decaf - Flavor Notes: Red Berries, Chestnut, Spice

Martha Calderon - Martha Calderon is a single origin, woman owned farm—an awesome first for us! Another first is that it’s a honey processed coffee, but there is no honey involved. In this type of process when the fruit of the coffee cherry and pulp are removed from the bean a sticky sweet layer is left on that looks like honey when the coffee is drying. Honey processed coffee is known for balanced acidity and intense fruit flavors. Farm Partner: Martha Calderon Location: Loja, Ecuador Flavor notes: Tart Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Tangerine

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